Our Process

Known for our technical expertise and our willingness to accept challenging projects

Manville Rubber Products is an engineering-driven, small but sophisticated manufacturer of custom molded rubber products, including:




Sealing Plates

Caps, plus & boots



Strain Reliefs

Vibration isolators

Drive & feed wheels


Oil & dust seals

Tadpole tapes

Rubber bonded to metal

Conductive rubber

Our Process

At Manville Rubber, we believe that working hand-in-hand with our clients is the key to producing high-quality, precision-made products. From the moment we learn about the solution our clients are seeking, we work with them as our partner throughout the process. This commitment to our partners is part of what makes Manville Rubber Products so special.

We thrive on solving challenging problems and leverage the experience and expertise of our team to plan, develop and deliver any rubber product regardless of size, scope and quantity. Our facility size allows us to remain flexible, providing instant solutions to any obstacles faced during production, as well as the ability to maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the process.

It’s through these best practices, along with our core values of integrity, honesty and fairness, that has provided the more than 50 years of executing successful projects in rubber molded products.

Global Sourcing

We offer a balanced approach to tool fabrication, using offshore resources when feasible and our local partners for complex or time-critical projects. Always up-to-date with the best pricing in the industry, we provide economical production of highly engineered products, from small batch prototyping to multiple million parts per year

Art compounds

In-House Compounding

Unlike most rubber molders and roller fabricators, we develop all compounds in-house. This allows control over the most critical aspect of every rubber project, the material itself.

Ability to meet specific, end-user requirements for any project, regardless of quantity

Opportunities to fine-tune elastomer properties as projects evolve over time

Better control over costs when raw material prices increase

Option to troubleshoot production problems immediately

Ability to minimize lead times, particularly when working with government mandated certifications

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