Rubber Covered Rollers

High Quality Rubber Covered Rollers

For more than 30 years, Manville Rubber Products has been committed to continuous improvement and state-of-the-art technology which enhances our ability to satisfy the most stringent requirements for process equipment manufacturers, OEMs, machinery refurbishers and equipment maintenance personnel.

Our team of experts produces the highest quality:

  • Rubber covered pull, feed and conveyor rolls
  • Drive wheels and regulating wheels
  • Laminating rolls
  • Idlers
custom rubber covered rollers

Our Capabilities

We can produce one or thousands of products. Our production flexibility allows us to match the best production method to your project, resulting in efficient production, regardless of volume.

  • We work with your engineering staff to develop prototypes and quickly get a new design into production
  • We supply metal cores and journals of the highest quality
  • We can quickly recover worn rollers or coat new customer supplied cores
  • While we specialize in small rollers up to 8-inches OD and 38-inches Length, our maximum capacity is 14-inches OD and 96-inches Length.
custom rubber covered rollers 2

Allow our staff to recommend and develop compounds to meet the unique requirements of your operating environment:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Static discharge
  • High temperature stability
  • Non-marketing
  • FDA approval
  • NSF approval
  • UL approval

Case Study: The Rubber Really Matters on Rubber Covered Rollers

Problem: A major consumer goods producer had a problem. The foil packaging of their popular self-moistened towelettes was sticking to production equipment. This compromised the quality of their end product and required extensive labor and factory down-time to remediate. Furthermore, the rollers, to which the foil packaging got stuck, were frequently damaged during clean-up. This created lengthier and even more expensive downtime and substantially elevated production costs.

Solution: We quickly recognized that the rubber formulation was poorly specified. We stripped the problematic silicone rubber from four of the customer’s rollers and recoated them with our proprietary V- series non-stick rubber. Our customer ran these side by side their current material and quickly determined that the MRP rollers were vastly superior as they showed virtually no build up. MRP has been the sole source for these rollers ever since.

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