Manville Rubber Products has the specialized molding presses, handling equipment and knowledge to make your very-large-part molding projects a success. We have experience in the molding of rubber articles weighing in excess of 100lbs and with secondary fabrication capabilities have produced parts in excess of 48" wide x 144" long (4 feet by 12 feet!). Very large moldings, and in particular those with thick cross sections, require extremely specialized heavy duty presses, unique rubber formulations and highly specific production techniques and methodologies. Manville Rubber Products has vast experience in the production of large articles and can produce flawlessly finished moldings with accurate dimensions.

Manville Rubber Products has an entire department dedicated to very large parts rubber molding. We have the equipment, compounding and process knowledge and experience to make your very large parts rubber molding project a success.

Manville Rubber can produce:

  • Large Seals
  • Large Gaskets
  • Large Bladders
  • Large Flexible Joints
  • Large Insulation, sealing and bend limiting boots
  • Large Isolators
  • Large Rubber-To-Metal Assemblies

Manville Rubber Products offers:

  • Large capacity molding presses allowing the molding of very large articles in excess of 100lbs.
  • Experience in the unique material compounding techniques required for the molding of very large articles
  • Specially designed material and mold handling systems for molds weighing up to 8,000lbs.
  • Process know-how specific to very large moldings
 Very Large Rubber Parts

Very Large Rubber Parts

 Large Rubber Bonded VIbration Absorbing Pads

Large Rubber Bonded VIbration Absorbing Pads