Transfer Rubber Molding

For intricate parts with low volumes.

In concept, transfer molding is a simplified version of injection molding. It is ideal for intricate parts with lower volume requirements. Though cycle times are generally longer than those found in injection molding, lower hourly machine cost, quick setups and less scrap keep unit costs competitive.

Transfer Molding

Best Suited For:

  • Mid range dimensional tolerances
  • Low to medium volume production
  • Small to medium sized parts
  • Low to medium-high durometer materials
  • Insert molding

Advantages Over Other Methods:

  • Shorter production cycles than compression molding
  • Ability to maintain closer dimensional tolerances than compression molding
  • Excellent uniformity from mold cavity to mold cavity
  • Rapid mold setups
  • Couples some of the advantages of injection molding with the simplicity of compression molding

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