Injection Rubber Molding

Fast. Accurate. Repeatable.

We operate only the most advanced, closed loop, PLC controlled machines available making this production method the fastest, most accurate, most repeatable method for rubber goods production. These advanced molding machines allow such specialized cycles as injection/transfer, injection/compression, preform, vacuum purge and volumetric bump cycles. Use of these specialized cycles can open a narrow processing window and turn a tough production problem into a zero defect winner.

Injection Molding

Best Suited For:

  • Close dimensional tolerances
  • High volume production
  • Small to medium sized parts
  • Low to medium-high durometer materials Insert molding

Advantages Over Other Methods:

  • Shorter production cycles mean lower unit cost
  • Ability to maintain closest dimensional tolerances
  • Computer control allows the best repeatability from cycle to cycle and production run to production run
  • Specialized cycle availability provides solutions to tricky production problems

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