Manville Rubber Products
Manville Rubber Products


Engineering solutions in rubber since 1969.


We solve challenging problems.

For over 50 years, Manville Rubber Products has supplied technical expertise and production excellence to customers in the automotive, electronics, medical, consumer, heavy machinery and other industries. Founded in 1969 as a partner to the aerospace industry, Manville Rubber has a long tradition of delivering high quality parts to exacting specifications. With a broad range of production equipment, capabilities and technical expertise, Manville Rubber Products is a world class contract developer for even the most complex rubber-based projects .

Our manufacturing processes include:

➤ injection moldinG

➤ transfer molding

➤ compression molding  


➤ very large rubber parts

➤ rubber covered rollers

➤ Clipper radial oil seals

➤ tadpole tapes and seals



We combine the LATEST TECHNOLOGY with time-honored processes to deliver EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS.


Areas of Expertise

custom molded rubber Parts

From high volume custom injection to low volume compression, MRP specializes in producing your proprietary design to your exact specifications. All aspects of production conform to specified dimensions, materials, inspection procedures, traceability, packaging, labeling and other critical parameters.

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Rubber covered rollers

MRP has supplied the highest quality rubber covered pull rolls, feed rolls, conveyor rolls, drive wheels, regulating wheels, laminating rolls and idlers for over 30 years. Ongoing process refinements satisfy stringent requirements of today's high tech machinery OEM's, refurbishers and maintenance groups.

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custom rubber compounding

With thousands of proprietary formulations, MRP can meet  the most technically challenging requirements. Further, we continuously develop new formulations to meet requirements for heat, chemical or abrasion resistance. Let us suggest an existing material or develop a new one for your project.

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rubber bonded to metal & plastic

Our team has the technical expertise to provide true vulcanized bonds between substrate and rubber for applications requiring extraordinary strength. This type of bond is created with the substrate in situ during rubber vulcanization.  This technique enables rigidity, flexibility and resilience within a single finished component.

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verY large Custom rubber parts

Manville Rubber Products has the specialized compounding experience, presses, handling equipment and technical knowledge to make your very large part production a success. We routinely produce molded products more than 4 feet wide by12 feet long, with a finished weight of over 100 pounds per piece.

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mold design & rapid prototyping

Customers choosing a custom molding supplier for their next elastomer project should be aware that not all tooling is created equal. Design and build quality varies proportionally with the knowledge and expertise of the elastomer engineer. Perfectly dimensioned finished parts cannot be made without perfect tooling.

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Our customers trust us to deliver.

Quality by design

Manville Rubber Products operates on a philosophy of continuous improvement which applies to all aspects of our business. This commitment drives us to continuously improve every aspect of our business...from our products and processes to customer service and support. The result? Your order is delivered on time, within budget and to your exact specifications.

With our state-of-the-art paperless tracking system, we meet and exceed the requirements necessary to maintain the highly coveted ISO 9001 certification. That's how we define quality.